Living in your desired situation

Revolutionary thinking

After working for many years at national and international companies according to the principles of the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill, I discovered gaps in the text; something essential is missing in this book. All people who are successful, Live from The Consciousness instead of their Being Human. This is much easier and more effective.

This discovery forms the basis of my way of thinking that Consciousness is in first place and then your Being Human. It has struck me that especially people with a business background recognize themselves in my way of thinking.


With this way of thinking, I have successfully guided countless companies and people to their desired situation over the years. Partly at the request of my clients, I have described my way of thinking in a book. With MY BOOK for Living in your desired situation, you will receive the key to receive your desired situation, both business wise and in private.


Living from The Consciousness ensures a revolutionary change of your life. Or, as a customer described this: “After reading My Book you experience everything differently. In everything you do. Nothing is coincidence.”


Life is Beautiful

Berend Smit

Life is Beautiful – Berend Smit



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Way of life

The basis of our view ‘Living in your desired situation’ comes from the world of quantum physics and neuroscience. If you understand the basis of quantum physics, you also learn to understand why the things work as we describe them.

‘But how do you do that, Living from The Consciousness?’
From our Being Human point of view we want to know ‘how’ and ‘why’ things happen. I do not want to teach you anything, but just make an effort to take away your ignorance about who your are. By another way of thinking, you will always be in your desired situation. QWA has developed a method that allows you to apply these basic principles in your daily life.


Teachability and willingness to accept change

I can give you all the knowledge, but what do you do with it? How is your teachability? What is your willingness to accept change? This is a basis for Living in your desired situation, and receive this, business and private wise.

Berend Smit (1961)

Who am I is not important. It is in contrary with my theory to tell you about my background and past. See my life as a book with a summary. You will get the summary from me.

Of course, I can tell you beautiful stories about what I experienced in the past. My success stories or my failures. But is this of any importance to you? I believe it is most important that you (or your company) get into your desired situation.

It is not important what you or me have done in the past.
It does not matter who your are. Or who I am.
We have no idea who we are and what we are as a human.


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“If you glance up to the sky for a second, and a column of light 300.000 kilometre long decents into your eyes. In that same second, the earths plants and photosynthetic microbes harvest the solar light column to create about 16.000 tons of new organic matter, in the form of trees, grass, seaweed, dandelions, giant redwoods and apples.”. – Jim Al-Khalili –

The question is ‘What is your desired situation?’. For me this is most important question. Removing your ignorance about life is my main goal.

Mastermind in Business

“Do you know what you do not know?”

Successful people continue to learn. They are constantly supported because they know that they do not know what they do not know. My clients are very diverse and come from all kinds of work fields, companies and organizations. However different my clients and their desired situations may be, the result is always successful for them.


My motto is: ‘By resonating (more) profit and generating work pleasure’


If you think you know, you do not know, you do not know


If you want to work with your company with your desired situation, start a Mastermind in Business (MiB). QWA has the desired situation to constantly remind and realize the desired situations through a MiB. For this I come to you and your company weekly, to keep in touch with your employees, what is happening within your company and, where necessary, to adjust things to receive your desired situation.

You get the professional support and handles from me to integrate your desired situation into the daily routine. Reading MY BOOK for Living in your desired situation is an essential guideline for my guidance in participating in a Mastermind in Business.

By entering into a Mastermind in Business as a company, you commit yourself as a director, manager or employee. As a director, manager or employee you take your desired situation(s) seriously. As a spirit father of the company you always keep the leadership and responsibility yourself. Through support in all ranks, you as a spirit father of the company remain aware of the desired situation (s) and determine yourself how much effort you need to put in for the company.


During an introductory meeting, we discuss your desired situation. Then you will receive a tailor-made proposal from me and we will start working together!



In a first meeting we will discuss your desired situation and you will receive a proposal.

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M Y  B O O K for Living in your desired situation

My way of thinking Living in your desired situation has developed over time and was initially not easy to put into words. It is now clear how my way of thinking works; what’s its basis is and how it can be successfully applied, both in business and your private life.

More people and companies can benefit from this way of thinking. That is why I wrote MY BOOK for Living in your desired situation, together with my partner Diana Polder. We have done this together to ensure that my unique way of thinking is understandable for everyone.

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